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Welcome to the Free Dating Cash Affiliate Program


FreeDatingCash is the totally free dating affiliate program. Choose from over 100 free dating sites to promote. Simply match your content to the site that best converts for you and start earning weekly checks!
Earn money sharing completely free dating sites people already love!
The FreeDatingCash.com opportunity it as big as you want to make it. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer you already know that premium dating affiliate marketing programs don’t convert well, they burn tons of traffic and trust, and have terrible rebuy rates. That is because people are after real free online dating these days. The fact is, you will make more from your traffic over the long term by promoting a free dating site with an affiliate program that pays for FREE JOINS! In the past though, there have never been online dating affiliate programs that pay in nearly all areas for new free registrations.
Affiliates who have switched to Free Dating Cash offers report a 35% overall increase in commission earned once they have switched their offers out to our super-popular free dating sites.
By coupling together the best real free dating sites with high converting free registrations offers we’ve made a super-powered offer for you. Think of it this way, dating sites often pay up to $2.00 per join to advertising companies and for search engine marketing leads. What we do instead of spending millions on advertising is let our army of marketers like you earn that same money we would otherwise be spending on advertising. It’s important for you to realize that, because WE PAY YOU FOR EVERY SINGLE NEW FREE MEMBER, the conversion percentage of sales is much higher than if you were promoting a site that required members to pay to communicate with other members. By removing barriers and giving
users what they want, FreeDatingCash and you stand to make large commissions from affiliate marketing. GIVE IT A TRY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF….
Start Earning Today!
Get started today making commissions from totally free online dating offers people love!
Simply sign in to your FreeDatingCash.com account and get the embed codes from your home page.
Make money everywhere, any time of day or night!
Remember you can promote from your blog, website, wiki, a forum, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbledUpon, Tumblr, or your own website(s). The opportunities with FreeDatingCash.com are truly endless. Start earning your Free Dating Cash today.
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